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19 May |

Jumpsuit \\ Shoes \\ Earrings \\ Cork Clutch 

Happy Friday!! We are in Chicago and getting ready for the day. Chris is in the final days of training for a half marathon (his race is next weekend in Boston!) so he is going for a long run while I take a few pictures with a photographer here named Ali Stone. I’m so excited to work with Ali and can’t wait to show you guys what we are up to!

Before we get into our day I wanted to do a quick introduction on my blog. I’ve seen a ton of new faces here lately and just want you to know that I’m extremely thankful for each and every one of you. You have no idea how much I appreciate your love and support each and every day. I try to be authentic and honest as possible. I thought it might be fun to share a few things about myself that you might not know yet.I have been blogging for almost a year and a half. I started in January of 2016 with one goal in mind – to help people dress and feel pretty! I have also loved helping others so that paired with my love for fashion, is what I’m doing and it’s what makes me happy. I worked a corporate job my first full year with the blog. I loved my corporate job and would still be there if it wasn’t for the opportunities I’ve had with my blog.

I’m married to my sweet Christopher. Chris is from Boston and moved to GA after college at Florida State University. He started working for Insight Global then I joined the company a year later. I honestly never thought I would fall for someone I worked with but what did I know?! We will be celebrating our two year anniversary in August. I really can’t believe that two years has almost come and gone. We have a sweet Weimaraner named Birdie! She just turned three and is our spoiled little girl. You will see her from time to time if you watch my Instagram stories!

I love to travel. I love spending time with my family. I love to read. Who read’s actual books these days? I’ll tell you, that’s one of my favorite things to do, Curl up on the couch with an actual book and get lost in a story somewhere. I am starting to enjoy working out again. I took a little break but now I’m working out with my Aunt and can’t wait to see how our training sessions will turn out. I love to shop. It’s so much more to me than just going in a store, picking things out and leaving. I like to find pieces that mean something to me. Pieces I’m passionate about and pieces I can share with you that will inspire you too.

I have always been a bargain shopper. I’m not a crazy coupon lady but I do like shopping sales. That’s one thing you will see me talking a lot about on my blog – sales! I try to keep items I share with y’all under $200. Most of the time my price point is even lower than that. There are definitely items that are worth splurging for or investing in but you won’t see pieces like that every day on my blog.

I also try to be as authentic as I possibly can be. No one wants a fake friend who is in this only for themselves. To me it’s about so much more than that. It’s about helping you guys! I love trying products and trends only then to share it with you. That’s my job. I think I’ve been very authentic over the past year about products I like and things you should invest in but I’ve also have times where I wouldn’t recommend something and that’s okay too.

I’ve got a few new things coming to Loverly Grey. I am working with my photographer to do a few videos for y’all. We are working on a hair and makeup guide. I would love to know what other kinds of videos you would like to see. I am going to be redesigning my blog soon to have a fresh new look! I’m working on a FAQ page that will answer tons of questions that y’all have each day. If there is anything you want to see, please let me know!

At the end of the day, I’m just thankful that you have chosen to follow, love and support me. It’s so cool to know that I’m impacting your life in one way or another and doing that is exactly what I’m passionate about!

If you’ve made it to this point…YOU ROCK!!

Before I let you go, I want to talk about this jumpsuit from Anthropologie. Is this color fun for summer or what? Another thing about me is I love jumpsuit and rompers. I think I love them so much because I am cold all the time so jumpsuits are like maxi dresses with pants and that keeps me warm…I don’t know, I just love them!

Depending on your chest size determines what size you would need for this jumpsuit. I’m wearing the XS and honestly I think this looks a little “breast-y” on me. I probably should have gone with one size up. I think this jumpsuit would be extremely flattering on someone who is flat chested. However, there is plenty of material to cover the girls if you have them, I would just size up to be sure they stay covered!

This jumpsuit is also available in a beautiful Olive Green color that I was very tempted to purchase. The material has a thick, tapestry feel to it with embroidery. You can’t really tell in the pictures but it feels really cool! I think this is perfect for your summer vacation to the beach but would be perfect for the city in a European country if you have plans to travel abroad (take me with you!) I plan on pairing this jumpsuit with my trusty denim jacket (linked here).

Thank you as always so much for stopping by my blogging and for trusting me with fashion advice. I love each and every one of you!!

Today’s post was sponsored by Anthropologie at the Avalon in Alpharetta, GA! Photos by KVC Photography.

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  1. Thank you so much for re-introducing yourself! I’m new to your blog/instagram and didn’t really know your background. I just love your post and pictures. It has helped me so much and I appreciate the time and effort you put into it each day.

  2. Hey Brittany,

    Love your style! You did an Instagram story on the hair products you use but I didn’t get a chance to write them down! Will you do a blog post on them?


  3. Love the color and I’m not a fan of orange usually. haha, new follower. Found you through IG.