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9 August |


Hello! I’m excited to share a few gift ideas with you today. I’m even more excited to be partnering with Capri Blue to talk about their Volcano candles. These candles are some of my favorite. The scent is amazing and we have probably wayyyy too many of them in our house.

I usually light our Capri Blue candles every other day, if not every day. This used to be part of our morning routine at Loverly Grey HQ – AKA my house. Anna would come over and we would head to the office where she would immediately light the candles on our desks. The perfect start to a workday if you ask me. When I worked in corporate America, I used to always ask my boss if I could have a candle at my desk. Of course the answer was always no but there was something about lighting a candle that makes me productive!

Candles are a perfect gift for anyone. At Christmas, Chris loads me up with the little tin Capri Blue Volcano candles. He individually wraps them and puts them in my stocking and throughout our gifts because he knows they are my favorite. I think including a candle in any gift basket, whether is for a friend’s birthday or new home welcome present, you cannot go wrong!

I specifically love the Capri Blue Volcano candles because of their amazing smell. They last for a long time and come in cute tins and jars that you can reuse on the candle has been burned down.

I’m going to list out a few combinations of gifts that you could add a Capri Blue Volcano candle to. They have several different sizes and colors so you can be selective while still getting the same great scent of Volcano candles!

House Warming Gift:

Capri Blue Candle + Bottle of Wine + Wine Bottle Opener

Capri Blue Candle + Monogrammed Coaster Set

Capri Blue Candle + Basket of Your Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Friend’s Birthday Gift:

Capri Blue Candle + Lip Gloss + Volcano Hand Cream + Picture Frame

Capri Blue Candle + To Go Wine Glass + Favorite Wine

Capri Blue Candle + Volcano Bath Bomb + Beautycounter Charcoal Mask

Teacher Gift:

Capri Blue Candle + Starbucks Gift Card + To Go Cup

Capri Blue Candle + Amazon / Target Gift Card + Volcano Hand Cream

Capri Blue Candle + Sugarfina Gummy Bears + Beautycounter Lip Gloss


Thanks so much for stopping by today! This post is sponsored by Capri Blue. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love this blog post. So many great ideas! I think my favorite are all the house warming gifts as we just moved after being in the same house for almost 25 years ?. I too have candles burning daily but I’ve never tried this brand. I’ll have to go find some!!
    Have a great weekend … Collins is growing so fast!!

  2. Yes!! These candles are absolutely the best!! We have one in every room! And love the ideas to pair with them for a gift!