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17 February |

Happy Friday!!

I can’t believe that one week has passed since I was in New York at Fashion Week. That whole trip seems like a blur still. There were so many moving parts and so much excitement! I’ll post another post on my experience next week. Right now I want to talk about the luggage I took with me!

I was really nervous that I was going to overpack for this trip. I mean, going to NYC in February means tons of coats and cold weather gear. How was I going to fit everything? Well thankfully, I teamed up with Delsey and they provided me with the best luggage for my trip.


I took the 21″ and 25″ Titanium Expandable Spinner with me and had more than enough room. I think this is because of the way you can pack inside. One side has a zipper and the other side has a strap that holds everything in. Not to mention, you can expand both suitcases so adding a large jacket in the middle was no problem.

IMG_7977 IMG_7970 IMG_7973 IMG_7974

They also have TSA approved locks on the outside of the luggage so you can lock your suitcase without having to buy a separate lock for your bag. I really like this feature. I took another Delsey bag to Italy last year and used the locks there and loved them!

IMG_7963 IMG_7965

Delsey luggage just looks so sleek to me. I went with silver for this trip and wanted two matching pieces because it was New York and having chic luggage is just what you do there! The spinning wheels and different levels of handle extenders made it easy to walk this luggage through the airport. Also, the bags themselves are very light yet durable, which allowed me to pack as much as I could without worrying I would be over the weight limit!

IMG_7952 IMG_7960

You can shop my exact luggage here and here or by clicking the pictures below! In the end, I would highly recommend Delsey. I have 4 pieces of theirs and absolutely love them all. They are also having a huge sale on their website right now so hurry over there if you are in the market for pretty new bags!

Also – you can shop what’s inside my bag here:

I’d love to hear what your favorite Delsey luggage is. Please comment below! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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