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20 January |

Y’all, it’s Friday!! And Friday means date night! We usually either go to dinner with our couple friends or go to dinner and a movie alone. It’s been forever since we (well, I — Chris sees them at work every day and I used to. Yes, we worked for the same company..) have seen them so I’m hoping we can work out a spot for tonight!

Before I get in to our date night and my look, let me share a little back story with you. Before I was blogging full time, I worked for an IT Staffing Firm in Atlanta, Insight Global. I loved it! The company, the culture, the people — it was all amazing! I met my friend, Lauren, who had been working there for year and half before I started. We hit it off instantly! I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that we were both Kappa Delta’s, the same age, looked liked twins and had a passion for working hard. I used to stay late with her when I was a recruiter to help fill her open positions and our friendship just took off from there.

So she was friends with Chris, they started working at Insight Global about a week apart. I was dating someone else at the time and wasn’t interested in Chris, especially because we worked together. Months after my breakup, and after Chris had been more frequently texting/talking/wanting to hang out with me, Lauren finally pushed me in the direction to give the “relationship” a shot. Thankfully, Chris had just recently been promoted to a new role where he and I wouldn’t be working together. So we gave it a shot and the rest is history.

Now Lauren also met her husband at Insight Global too! It’s actually crazy because Lauren and Casey are from the same home town but didn’t know each other until he transferred to the Atlanta branch of Insight Global. Chris and Casey worked in the same role and still work very close today.

So, I say all that to give you a back story on our best couple friends that we try to spend time with outside work (especially since I don’t get to see them everyday anymore) for dinner on the weekends!

We both live in the Roswell/Alpharetta area so we have been trying every local restaurant around! We love going to the Avalon — I would say Branch & Barrel is our favorite place there!

So, what to wear…

Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey Anthropologie Dress - @loverlygrey

 Dress \\ Clutch \\ Similar Booties \\ Similar Necklace \\ Bracelet

This outfit is a little different then what I would normally wear to dinner. I typically would go with darker colors and a more “night time look” however, I am really digging pastels this January and Chris bought me this dress for Christmas so I figure I should wear it when he and I are together.

The dress/sweater came together as one piece. I previously worn sweaters over dresses in the fall so when I saw that this one came like that I was pumped! I love the color and the crop sweater. And who doesn’t love bell sleeves right now?

The best part is that this Anthropologie dress is currently on sale for $50!! Such a steal from it’s original price of $178. I love when you can find good Anthro items on sale.

I hope you all have a great Friday! If you are in Atlanta and have a restaurant suggestion for us to try, please comment below! We are always up for trying new ones.

Outfit Details:

Photos by Paige Molina

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