Business Professional Workwear Looks

13 September |

In today’s workwear post, I’m excited to break down the anatomy of how to dress for a business professional setting! I’m also giving you a complete guide on how to structure your work wardrobe with essential pieces that will make getting dressed a breeze.


This tweed cardigan sweater paired with wide-leg trousers is a perfect business-professional combination. The cardigan’s classic pattern and neutral color scheme adds a touch of sophistication. The linen trousers offer comfort and breathability during long workdays. Add a pair of heels to elevate the overall look. Whether you’re attending a conference or just tackling a busy day at the office, this outfit is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Your Guide to Business Professional Workwear Looks

When it comes to dressing for the office, it’s important to know the difference between business professional workwear and business casual attire. Business professional workwear is typically more formal and conservative than business casual outfits. Think classic pieces such as pencil skirts, tailored pants, and blazers. Heels are also a must, as they add an air of sophistication and professionalism. The key is to keep it polished and put together, without being overly flashy or trendy. Today, I’m sharing 4 business professional workwear outfits that would be perfect for that next important meeting this fall.

TOP (left) | SKIRT (left) | HEELS | BAG | CAMI | SKIRT (right) | SWEATER BLAZER

You can never go wrong with a skirt for a business professional look! One great option is an animal print slip skirt paired with a classic white tunic top. This classic combination is a look you can wear through fall and winter. Add a cardigan or blazer over the top as the weather cools off.

A must-have piece in your work wardrobe is a classic black skirt. This is a staple item if your work environment leans towards a business professional vibe. Style it with a white silk cami and neutral sweater blazer. Finish off both looks with a pair of heels and a classic hand bag!


Elevate your business professional workwear outfits with a touch of luxury by integrating a black and white tweed jacket with gold statement buttons. This classic piece is everywhere this season, and I love it! I find myself dressing it up with black trousers or styling it casually with jeans and mules. Both the jacket and flare pants are considered business professional wardrobe staples!

As you think about building out your business professional work wardrobe, consider starting with the staple pieces you see featured in today’s post. Black trousers, a classic pencil skirt, and a sweater cardigan are great pieces to start with. I also recommend investing in a pair of neutral pointed-toe heels. I’ve had this pair for years, and they’ve held up great. Not to mention, they are very comfortable. For the finishing touches on your work wardrobe, consider adding a tote bag or quilted handbag in a neutral color to complete any look!

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