Be Bold – Pink Fuzzy Sweater

25 October |

bold pink sweater -

Fuzzy Sweater \\ Tulle Skirt \\ Pink Pumps \\ Earrings

Lately, I’ve been trying to get outside my comfort zone with outfits I’m wearing. I am trying new things, putting different pieces together and I can honestly say that I love it. It’s okay to be bold and do things different to stand out! Honestly, I would wear a pink tulle skirt everyday that was allowed!

In this market of social media influencers and bloggers, it’s so easy for people to copy one another. It’s sad that there are bloggers out there who think it’s okay to copy others word for word, picture for picture. For me personally, I truly enjoy what I do because of the creative side. I get joy from going into stores, picking up items, having a specific vision on how an item could be styled, then bringing that vision to life! I work hard to style outfits for not only each of you, but for myself.

Trust me, I know we are putting ourselves out there for others to copy us. I love when I get a message from a follower/reader with a photo of them wearing the exact same outfit! I’m happy that I helped you style your look for the day and I want nothing different. The line get crossed when another blogger shares the exact same outfit to their readers trying to make it seem like they came up with it on their own.

At the end of the day, we as bloggers need to be careful. We need to give credit where it’s due. And we need to work on each being bold in our way. Why take the easy route of copying someone? Even if you just have one readers or one follower, that’s still a platform to influence someone in a positive light. It’s okay to stand out and be different from what is going on around us. Being that way is how we each got to where we are today!

So if you came here today to find out the details on my beautiful, hot pink sweater and tulle skirt, here we go!! I found this sweater over the weekend at LOFT during their 50% off sale. I’m going to warn you, this sweater is insanely soft. Like you will not want to stop touching it. I knew it was a bold piece and I wanted to make it is styled girly as possible! Insert my pink tulle skirt from NYFW (my exact one is sold out so I’m linking a similar option). Actually, the way I styled this skirt in New York is what gave me this inspiration for today’s look. I figured this skirt is the perfect, baby pink color to pair against a bright, in-your-face-pink sweater. What’s not to love about pink on pink? I then added bright pink pumps to finish it off because, why not?

I’ve seriously been contemplating wearing this look for our Christmas card pictures this year. I have a few other items in mind for this outfit and will definitely be wearing this for a girl’s holiday party in the near future!

You can shop all the details of this post easily with the image below!

Photos by KVC Photography

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  1. I purchased this sweater because of your blog… can’t wait until it arrives. I knew it had potential to wear many different ways and plan on doing so???? Thank you for sharing

  2. Love the outfit! I was looking into purchasing the toole skirt. Is yours from Choies? I’ve never purchased anything from that company, but stumbled across some not so stellar reviews. Have you had good luck with that site?

    Thanks! And love your content!

  3. Do you have any other ideas of styling this sweater? That outfit is super cute but I don’t dress up that often. I ordered the sweater because I tried it on in the store and it is so soft and I love the pop of color.