Skirt Love

20 June |


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Now that summer and warmer weather is here, you will be seeing lots of dresses and skirts from me for the work week. Side note: My job requires their employees to wear business professional every day. That is why you will see a lot of work appropriate outfits on my blog and instagram. They probably prefer I wear a blazer with everything……but I can only do a blazer every so often. Plus it’s so hot right now. I do try and keep one at either my desk or my car for the big meetings.

Anywhooo…so i’ve been dying over the skirts at Loft recently. They are simply everything (insert praise hands here)! They have great patterns and colors. For a size references, I usually wear a double zero or a zero petite depending on where the skirts hits. This tassel and multi-color stripe skirt has me so excited. I found this peplum top, also Loft, that pairs nicely with it. The greatest thing about this skirt is that you can do a variety of different colored & styles for tops. What’s not to love about variety?

So my sweet friend, Lauren dedicated some of her Sunday night to help me capture this cute outfit. Besties are awesome! Thank you!!


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