Happy Halloween!

31 October |

Chevron Sweater - www.loverlygrey.com

Happy Halloween!! Who is doing something fun tonight? We are holding down the fort and passing out candy to our neighborhood kids. I can’t wait to see what they dress up as!

Can I be honest? I wasn’t 100% sure of this sweater when it came in the mail a few weeks ago. I knew when I ordered it that it could be a toss up and if you remember from my Instagram Stories, I tried it on a few different ways before I came to this one. I decided to go with the flare jeans because I felt like there was such a statement on the top part of me that I needed something bold for my bottom half too. Once I put it together, I really fell in love! I don’t have any other sweaters like this one.

The sweater is from Goodnight Macaroon and it’s one size fits all. I always say that their one size sweaters fit best if you are between XS-M. I typically wear XS or Small in most other sweaters and this one fits me just a little oversized. Also the material is amazing. It’s so soft and I can easily see it being a sweater I don’t want to take off.

This look is perfect if you are feeling a little bold. But if bold isn’t your thing you could dress this sweater down by pairing it with spanx leggings and running shoes for a more casual look.

Time for the trick or treaters!! Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

Photos by KVC Photography


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