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7 December |

thirdlove with @loverlygrey

Good Morning! I’m excited to talk all things undergarments, specifically bras, with you today. This is the one topic that I haven’t really shared a lot on, but since finding my new favorite bra a little over a month ago, I think this conversation is much needed! Grab a coffee and get ready to read about all things ThirdLove.

I was introduced to ThirdLove by a friend. She told me that ThirdLove was a company that was dedicated to helping women find the perfect fit for their bra. Why should a bra be uncomfortable and why are we only stuck with  choosing a whole letter size that may or may not fit? So I started doing some research of my own and saw that ThirdLove is so much more than “just another bra brand”.

ThirdLove is a company that was created by women who wanted more in their bras. Not matter what your size or your shape, you should be comfortable in your bra every day. Three things that make ThirdLove different from other companies is that they also care about the shape of your bra, they offer half sizes and they give realistic measurement. When I read that, I was like okay sign me up!

I’ve personally been in between bra sizes my whole life. I was a different size when I was in high school, college and now. As my weight changed, so did my bra size but I didn’t really know what the perfect size was. I hated wearing underwire bras but that seemed to be all I could really find. I went through a period of time where I was only wearing sports bras or what looked like a training bra because that was the most comfortable to me. At the end of the day, I wanted to be comfortable. Instead I was constantly adjusting straps and counting down the seconds until I could get home and take off my bra.

I can honestly say that over the past month or so of wearing my new ThirdLove bra consistently, I have been more comfortable now then I have in years. I’m in no pain, I never think about my straps, and sometimes I don’t even remember I have it on because the fit is so good! I’m also guilty of wearing my bra up until I go to sleep because I just don’t think to take it off when I get home. Trust me when I say, you NEED this brand of bras in your life ASAP.

I purchased two different types of bras from ThirdLove. I have one with an underwire and one that is wireless. I’m so used to not wearing an underwire that I typically wear that one every day but the underwire option is very comfy too. The process of finding the perfect fit was super easy and actually kind of fun. They have this “Perfect Fit Finder” on their website and it’s basically a quiz you take that goes through the ins and outs of your current bra shape, size and fit. Then you sit back and wait for them to tell you your new bra size. It was awesome! I love my new bra so much that I’ve added another two to my Christmas list for this year!

Another great perk that ThirdLove offers is they will send you a bra to try in your size for free. They understand that ordering bras online and not knowing exactly how it fits can be hard to grasp at first. I would much rather try the bra on with my own clothes at home and know it’s the perfect fit then go to a store and try it on there. Finding the perfect bra shouldn’t shouldn’t be stressful and thanks to ThirdLove, it doesn’t have to be!

They also have an amazing line of casual pajamas, robes and loungewear. I also picked up their essential organic robe and have been wearing it non stop every day to get ready each morning. The cotton is so soft! This robe would be a great item to add to your Christmas list.

I would love to know your thoughts if you have ever tried ThirdLove. If you haven’t yet but plan to, please let me know what you think! I hope that you love it as much as I do!

Today’s post was in sponsorship with ThirdLove. As always, all opinions are my own!

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