Floral Sweater + Cheese Recs

8 June |

Sweater (50% off with code FLASH) \\ Jeans \\ Shoes \\ Necklace \\ Purse 

Hey Friends! I typically write my blog posts in the morning but I figured I would switch it up and write this one at night. Although, I feel like my brain works better either first thing in the morning or the random midnight-can’t-fall-asleep time but let’s give 10:20PM a shot!

I asked you guys to help me find a few new cheeses for my cheese+meat dinner (I know, probably not the most healthy but hey, when the hubby is out of town, I can have what I want for dinner!) And I want you to know that I received sooo many great recommendations. Some I’ve tried, some I haven’t and some that were combined with other ingredients that sounds so tasty!! Because y’all shared with me, I want to share with y’all. So here are my top picks from the recommendations I received tonight.

1. Brie with Strawberry Jam – OMG

2. Smoked Gouda with Apricot Jam + Crackers

3. Sharp White Cheddar

4. Smoked Gouda

5. Any type of Goat Cheese (add honey)

6. Fontina

7. Manchego

I bought a NY sharp white cheddar and a merlot goat cheese for tonight. They were both so so good! I’m also really excited to try out some of these new ones!

On to my outfit for today… I have a few meetings and wanted to wear something a little more professional yet still casual, hence the jeans. I decided on this sweet floral sweater from Loft. I tried this one on a few times before purchasing and each time I fell more in love. The cut of it is so fun with the flare out at the ends. It’s a light sweater so it’s perfect for summer. I’ve already tried it on with shorts and it looks so cute that way too! I love buying tops that serve more than one purpose.

I added a pink seaglass necklace from Sugarfix to give my top some definition. This necklace is my favorite for just that! But it’s light enough to not take away from the sweater. Great news…this sweater (plus just about everything else) is on major sale right now at LOFT for 50% off using code FLASH! There are so many things I’ve been eyeing recently and can’t wait to make a purchase today! Hurry…the sale ends Friday morning at 3AM!

Here are some of my favorites from the LOFT right now:

Photos by KVC Photography

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