Floral Blouse – $20 + Navy Skirt

1 March |

Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey Floral Blouse - @loverlygrey

Happy Wednesday!! We have made it half way through the week…can I get an AMEN??

I was supposed to go to jury duty this morning but called last night and they said that my “group” was not selected and therefore do not have to report. I practically jumped up and down for joy when I heard that news!! I know it’s my civic duty and that i’m supposed to go but the county I live in is HUGE and driving downtown ATL just wasn’t high on the list of things I wanted to do today.

Anyway…the real reason you can here….THIS BLOUSE! I posted about it on my instagram once before and got such a great reaction I figured I would bring her back for #workwearwednesday. I do love it paired with skinny jeans (like in this post) however, I think this blouse looks best with a pencil skirt and nude pumps.

The blouse is very boxy but the flowy sleeves make up for that. I love the pattern and the white is perfect for spring. You guys won’t believe me when I tell you this, but it’s still only $20!! It’s fully stocked and available at Nordstrom Rack. If you are in between sizes then I would definitely size down. I’m wearing an XS.

I’ve linked a few pencil skirt options for you below because this skirt pictured is from last year. I really do recommend investing in a good navy pencil skirt. All the options i’ve tagged are below $100 and will probably go on sale over the next few weeks.

Also, have y’all been stalking the new Baublebar Collection – Sugarfix at Target? Because I have been. And i’m LOVING everything they have. The necklace pictured is one of their pieces and is only twenty bucks?!!! Baublebar has a larger version of this necklace (linked here) that runs for over $60. It’s beautiful but the Target one is just as good and also comes in pink!

Shop the look here:

Photo by Paige Molina

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