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I can’t believe we are now halfway through 2020! June was an exciting month for our family. We added Hazel to the mix and she’s been a joy ever since. That’s not too say that we haven’t had our share of ups and downs since she’s been here. But overall, she’s been great!

I wanted to share YOUR most loved items from the month of June. I shared lots of casual, cozy pieces. Not surprising, since that’s been mostly all I’ve worn! I’m excited to get back into more styled outfits and hope to show you more of that in July. 

A little info on how I’m gathering all this info about top selling items:

I’m an affiliate influencer with rewardStyle. This means that if you click on any of my links that take you to products on my site, 90% of them are affiliate links that are tracking to see if a purchase was made through your click. If someone makes a purchase, then I get a small percentage of the total price of the purchase. Same is true for most other bloggers and influencers you follow.

On the backend, I can only see what the driving item is that got you to the retailer. I cannot see what other items were purchased, nor can I see who made the purchase. For example, if you click on this link (lightweight sweater from Target) and you purchase this item plus three other items. I will only be able to see that a purchase was made and the striped sweater is what got you from my website to the retailers website.

I also use this information to understand what items you guys are liking and buying. If I am constantly linking to products that get hundreds of clicks each day, but no purchases are ever made, something is off. Is the price point too high? Is the retailer not trustworthy? I’m using this data to make sure that I am bringing the items you want to see each week! If I see that a dress from LOFT sold really well but is now sold out, I’m going to try to find a similar dress, buy it and style it so you have another option if you missed out on the first option.

I also appreciate it so much when a purchase is made through my links. Giving credit where it’s due is important. I work incredibly hard to run Loverly Grey. There is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes to simply share one Instagram post or Blog post. I truly love the work that I do and know that it’s made possible when my followers click through and make purchases through my links. Although this might sometimes be an extra step for you, it costs you nothing but allows me to continue sharing sale alerts and styling tips with you!! Just know that I’m so thankful for you and appreciate when a sale is made via my link!

Now onto the good stuff – The June Favorites!


I always love a good “summer sweater” and when I got this one I knew it was perfect. I have already worn it over a dress, with shorts, and with white skinnies!


GIRLS! I had so many recs for these nursing bras, and ya’ll were RIGHT! They are SO good. Many of you have even mentioned you continued wearing them after nursing!!


A dress with pockets.. what else do I need to say? I did realize I need more red in my closet. I love this color and think the pockets and tiers on the dress make it a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.


This romper is so versatile. I was able to wear while pregnancy and continue now postpartum! It has functional buttons that make it perfect for my nursing mamas!!


I’ve said it before, but I’ve always dreamed sitting on my front porch having a casual conversation and now I can do it! This patio set is perfect for that! I actually ordered a second set after this one was set up! It’s been great for afternoon chats when my parents stop by!


EYELET….need I say more. I love eyelet on little girls and think it’s so dainty. I was surprised when I saw this one and tried it on for myself. I believe this style is so flattering and is great for family photos!


Tshirt dresses are one of my favorite things to wear and are so easy to style! I recently shared this dress styled several ways!


I love the color of these shorts and think its the perfect addition to a neutral outfit! The shorts are super comfortable but have a “dressy” look to them! Which makes them a quick pick for this mama!


Ya’ll know my love for pajamas! I probably buy a new pair each month! I love this line from Target and with breastfeeding these buttons are a must have!


I took a chance on this rug and am so glad I did. Online it only shows the rectangle version and I was pretty skeptical before purchasing but am very pleased!!

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