Kimono Love

I’m going crazy getting ready to leave for Dallas on Thursday. I’m going to the RewardStyle Conference and I’m so excited to meet other bloggers and network with so many professionals in my field! I will be explaining more on what this means on Instagram Stories today and then will be taking y’all behind the scenes with me all weekend long!!  [Read more…]

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Floral Maxi Dress + Tan Info

Hey Friends!! I have been getting a ton of questions on my “tan” this week so I wanted to share my secret with you…I spray tan. Yep, that’s where my faux tan glow comes from. I actually only started getting spray tans about two years ago. I was seriously missing out before then.  [Read more…]

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Leopard Print is a Neutral

Leopard Pants \\ Purple Tank \\ Denim Jacket \\ Clutch \\ Nude Sandals \\ Necklace \\ Watch

One of my very favorite prints is leopard print. I absolutely love how it can act as a neutral, if done correctly. You don’t need a ton of it, just one piece here and there. Like these pants for example. They are are the perfect statement piece but flow together so nicely with the purple top and denim jacket. I added a chunky necklace for a little extra pop.

[Read more…]

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Work Wear Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a #workwearwednesday look with y’all so I thought I would bring it back with one of my favorite dresses I received in the mail recently. You know when you get something in the mail and it’s just GOOD. Like you are taking it out of the package and you love it before seeing it the full way…that was my feelings when this little baby came in. [Read more…]

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Floral OTS + Navy Shorts + Sale Alert

How’s your week going so far? My Monday was jam packed but productive. I had lunch with one of my friends and that time together was exactly what my heart needed. We met through our husbands and instantly became friends. They just recently moved to Roswell so we are excited to spend more time with them.

One thing we talked about at lunch is people’s perception. No matter how things look on the outside, you never know what is going on with someone on the inside. We both were open to each other about things we were struggling with and those conversations made me appreciate the little reminder that God has a plan for each of us. I think we all need to be reminded of that from time to time.

I’m so so so excited because this week it’s LOFT’s Friends & Family Event which means… guessed it! SALE ALERT – EVERYTHING IS 40% off! Because of all the sales going on this week I created a new tab on my blog called SALE!!! When you scroll over it, a second menu drops down with tons of awesome retailers and their current sales.

I’ve included a few great bridal looks from the Loft. They have a few really pretty white dresses right now that would be perfect for a shower! Another two items i’ve added are the navy shorts and floral OTS top that is pictured in today’s post. I love both of these items and think they can be worn multiple ways this Spring and Summer. The shorts are also available in black (make sure to size down) and my top runs true to size. I’m wearing an XS.

Make sure to hit this sale ASAP before all the good styles and sizes are sold out. Happy Shopping!

OTS Top \\ Navy Shorts \\ Heels \\ Cross Body Purse \\ Pink Earrings \\ Watch 

Photos by KVC Photography

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The Best White Skinny Jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans @loverlygrey - pink top - white jeans

Cross Neck Top \\ White Jeans \\ Pink Purse \\ Nude Sandals \\ Watch \\ Bracelet \\ Earrings 

Happy Friday! Can we all just take a moment of silence for the fact that we made it to Friday. Y’all, only a few hours until the weekend!! Who has fun plans??

As we get closer to Easter and the old rule of not wearing white until after Easter (which if you know me, you know i’ve been breaking that rule like crazy…) I figured it would be a good time to share my favorite, favorite FAVORITE white distressed jeans. Now these just aren’t any pair of white jeans, these are the best pair i’ve ever owned. Wear after wear they keep their shape, the make you look great and they don’t break the bank! Really, what’s better then that?

Why do you need these jeans? I love distressed white jeans because you can dress them up or down. So they serve multiple purposes within your wardrobe. You can wear them with a t shirt and sneakers for errands. You can wear them with chambray and sandals for brunch. You can dress them up with an off the shoulder top and nude wedges for dinner or a night out. There really aren’t many places that you couldn’t wear them. Simply put, white jeans should be a staple in your closet for Spring and Summer. Plus the distressing just gives you a fun, flirty vibe and who doesn’t want that?!

Where do you buy the best jeans? My go to when I am looking for denim is at Nordstrom. They have so many options and tons of different price point so there is something for everyone. Time and time again, I buy my distressed jeans from Topshop. I always gravitate towards the Jamie Skinny Jeans. They are a higher rise but they do run a little tight. I have two different sizes that i’ll buy in this denim. I buy size 26×30 if I want a tighter fit (that’s what i’m wearing in the pictures) and then I will buy 28×30 if I want a loser, more casual fit. These jeans do stretch out but if you are in between sizes I would honestly go up. They have a helpful size guide for your reference here.

Another great thing about these jeans is the length. I buy mine in the 30″ option but they do have a 32″ option for all my tall girls. The 30″ hits my leg right above my ankle which is perfect for all types of shoes. And lastly, the price comes in under $100 at $75. I think that’s really good for the quality and gives the option to buy both the distressed and regular jeans without feeling like you broke the bank.

Today i’m going for a casual look and i’ve paired my white distressed jeans with this cross neck pink top, also from Topshop. This is one of those tops that you need in every color. It’s the best basic I own right now. I sized up and i’m wearing a US 4. I typically wear either a 2 or 4 in Topshop and with this shirt I wanted it a little longer for the option to wear tucked or untucked. The color is a mauve/blush and will look great with everything. It also comes in black and is only $28!!

Cheers to the weekend pretty friends! Thank you for stopping by and thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post!

Photos by KVC Photography

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Morningside Kitchen Oyster Roast

Happy Thursday! I’m so excited to share a few of my weekend plans with you guys. I have lots of things going on this weekend because I’m taking over Jezebel Magazine‘s Instagram account! What this is means is that I will be taking y’all through Atlanta to a few great restaurants, events and spas for an Atlanta stay-cation!

One of my stops on Saturday will be at Morningside Kitchen’s First Annual Oyster Roast! I’m really excited about this event because I just recently became a huge fan of oysters. I always thought they were weird and slimy and honestly I prefer my saltine crackers plain or with peanut butter, but when I was in Charleston recently, something changed my mind and now I can’t get enough of them!

I actually haven’t been to Morningside Kitchen yet but I love the location and this part of Atlanta is so quaint. I was checking over their menu and the food sounds amazing. I’ve also heard nothing but good things about their brunch set up and know we will be back to try the Morningside Omelette and Stuffed French Toast….like omg my mouth is watering just writing about it!

A few more details on the event this weekend… The Oyster Roast will be held at Morningside Kitchen in the heart of Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood. Tickets are $40.99 and include access to the event along with two drink tickets. You will be able to enjoy live music from Honeywood, cocktails by American Spirit Whiskey, Sam Adams beer and unlimited (Yes, UNLIMITED) fresh roasted, raw and stewed oysters. The best part is that a portion of the proceeds from the event will go to Morningside Elementary School! So not only do you get to eat all the oysters you can stand and enjoy a few adult beverages…you are supporting a local school!

I would love to see you there! If you don’t have plans yet, you should make these your plans for Saturday! The event is from 2pm-6pm on this Saturday, April 8th. Chris is a huge oyster fan so he cannot wait to try them out! We will also be there with a few friends and hope to see you there!

The Facebook Group for this event is attached here. And i’ve included a few pictures of the inside of Morningside Kitchen so if you can’t make it this weekend, you should definitely stop by in the future! Restaurants with exposed brick on the inside are sure to be good in my opinion!

Make sure to follow along on both Jezebel’s & Loverly Grey’s Instagram this weekend! Can’t wait to show you what we have in store for y’all!

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Happy Birthday Birdie

Today is my sweet Birdie’s 3rd Birthday!! I cannot believe that she is 3….it seems like just yesterday that we were going to the farm in North West Georgia to pick her up. She was the tiniest little grey girl. She made the cutest little chirping sounds, which is actually how we came up with her name, Birdie. She has been full of sass ever since!

In her honor, I’m going to share 5 things you didn’t know about Birdie!

1. Birdie has to be touching a human at all times. It’s funny because I think she likes humans more than dogs. When she is at doggie daycare, I will sometimes watch her on the cameras online and she is always following the humans around, never really interacting with the dogs…is that weird? That’s B.

2. She sleeps under the covers on top of me every night. We were very against her sleeping in the bed with us when we first got her. Her crate was next to our bed and she slept there until she was about 6 months old. I accidentally fell asleep with her in the bed with me one night and she hasn’t been back to the crate at night since. I sometimes wonder what we are going to do when I get pregnant and when we have a baby…

3. She loves to sleep. Weimaraners are normally very crazy, high energy dogs. Birdie is the complete opposite of that. She is so chill and sleeps 20 hours a day. I used to be worried that something was wrong with her but the vet confirmed that she is fine and that she just likes to sleep a lot…that is fine with me!

4. She loves going to Puppy Haven! We have been taking her to doggie daycare since she was about 9 months old. Chris and I both worked long hours and we wanted to give her to opportunity to play with other dogs. When we moved to Roswell we were really worried that we wouldn’t find a place like Puppy Haven outside the Perimeter. Thankfully Puppy Haven Roswell came about a weeks later. If you are looking for a place to take your pup, I highly recommend Puppy Haven! They love Birdie (and all dogs) just as much as we do so I never have to worry about her while she is there!

5. She is prissy. If you have ever watched my instagram stories, you know the looks she gives me when she wants something. She is the perfect combination between prissy, sassy and loving! I couldn’t imagine her personality any other way!

We are so thankful for this sweet pup and look forward to many more birthdays with her!

Sweater \\ Jeans \\ Rug \\ Necklace 

Photos by KVC Photography

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The Perfect Pink Shorts

@loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts @loverlygrey pink ruffle shorts

White Top \\ Ruffle Shorts \\ Clutch \\ Necklace \\ Heels \\ Watch \\ Bracelet \\ Earrings 

Monday…We meet again. But this Monday is different. This is a happy Monday. Why? You might ask….Well I recently found the cutest ruffle hem shorts and I finally get to share them with you today!!

I was recently shopping at Nordstrom for a few Spring pieces. I love when Nordstrom puts out their Spring New Arrivals. It just feels like part of the Spring process. Flowers are blooming outside, the weather is getting warmer, and Nordstrom puts out their new Spring trends…that’s normal right??

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a pair of shorts that had a little pizazz to them! I wanted something that was cute yet versatile and something I could wear multiple times throughout the summer. I always start in the Topshop section at my local Nordstrom because I honestly get so much inspiration from that brand. That’s when I spotted these blush ruffle hemmed beauties! If you know me you know I love all things blush and ruffles so when something is a mix of the two, it’s almost a guarantee I need it! I couldn’t pick them up off the rack fast enough! Thankfully the sweet Nordstrom customer service representative was close by to give her two sense on how cute the shorts were and I was in the dressing room shortly thereafter swooning over the cutest shorts i’ve ever seen.

The shorts are a little high waisted, have pockets and a zip closure on the side. I think they will pair nicely with a crop top, oversized Spring sweater or ruffled bodysuit. They run true to size and i’m wearing a size 2.

Side note on Topshop sizing…The US size is always going to be listed on the tag if you are in store or will be the number in the parenthesis if you are shopping online. They also have a really helpful size guide if you are not sure which size to order.

I didn’t immediately decide to pair the shorts with this white cami but i’m so glad I did. I kind of think this looks almost like a romper and I really like that (Just another way these shorts become versatile!). So this cami…It’s very flowy and the front is made of two layers. It’s perfect for layering under a sweater, for pairing with shorts or for tucking it. I think this cami runs true to size and I am wearing a size 2. I also purchased the same cami in this charcoal color and can’t wait to pair it with white jeans – these are my favorites!

This outfit screams date night! I remember trying it on when I got home and Chris was like, “When is our next date night? You need to wear that”! So you know it’s a good look when it’s hubby approved! I also think that you could wear this for Saturday brunch with your girlfriends or with so many fun festivals and outdoor activities coming up, this is the perfect easy, yet very cute outfit!

The best part is that this whole look is very affordable. The cami is $30. The shorts are $55. The shoes are currently on sale for $60 – I have literally worn them everyday since I bought them. The clutch is only $25. And my gold necklace (which I wear all the times) is only $28! So that’s under $200 for a look that came together with staple pieces that you can mix and match and wear with tons of other things! I would say that’s a win in my book!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Also, thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

Photos by: KVC Photography

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Easter Dresses

Happy Friday!! Who is excited for the weekend? We are getting together with some friends we haven’t seen in a while on Saturday and I’m really looking forward to that. Then on Sunday, I’m hosting a shopping party at Kendra Scott at the Avalon from 2pm-4pm and would LOVE to see you there!! You can read more about the event here!

I’m so happy to share this pretty spring, striped dress with you guys today! It’s from Shein and is sooo cute! I am always a little hesitant to order from them because it’s coming from China and I’ve read reviews where people have an awful experience or whatnot. However, I’ve actually never had a bad order. I do suggest that you READ THE REVIEWS based on sizing. That’s where people tend to get the most upset. They have actually stepped up their customer service a ton lately so if you are in between sizes and do your research, you will be fine!

This dress looks like something I would buy at a local boutique. It’s fully lined and is 100% polyester! The pattern is what gets me…I love all things striped and I also love all things blue and pink. So when I saw this dress I knew it would be the perfect addition to my closet. I didn’t buy it with Easter in mind but when I tried it on, I know it was the winner. It’s just classy, dainty and feminine. And I really love the shift dress cut and would say it’s flattering on most body shapes. Plus, I can wear my blue shoes with them so thats major win in my book!!

As far as sizing goes…i’m wearing an XS. I say it fits true to size. It does have a little clasp to close the back and is very flowy. I really don’ t think you will be disappointed! Plus….the best part…it’s on $19!!! LIKE WHAT?? Yes…so just for that reason alone, you need it! Again…just make sure to read the reviews!

I also added the cutest pink cross-body from Nordstrom that I’ve been wearing with everything lately (prepare to see this on A LOT!) I’ve also added my favorite navy tassel earrings and no necklace. You could wear a necklace but I didn’t want to take away from this dress.

I’ve also linked a few other Easter Dress options that I think are perfect dresses below:

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Photos by – KVC Photography

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