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With the 1st day of Summer right around the corner I wanted to share one of my favorite dresses I recently picked up from Dress Up. This little number is such a cutie! It’s airy, has a beautiful pattern, the colors are perfect, it has pockets & is the perfect dress for a summer date night.

Speaking of summer date nights, a simple one I really love is getting fro-yo with my hubby. We used to go all the time when lived in walking distance from the yogurt shop. Now it requires driving a few miles down the road (welcome to the burbs)…I love tart fro-yo with dark chocolate pieces and lots of fruit. Chris is more of a load-as-many-sweets-that-you-can-on-top-of-a-decadent-flavor, fro-yo eater. But that’s why I love him 🙂 Another of my favorites is dinner + a movie. Chris and I love going to dinner, especially in the Avalon or to Canton Street then going to a movie afterwards. We are movie junkies and love catching the newest film. But my absolute favorite date night with Chris is going to have breakfast for dinner. We used to do that all the time when we were dating. When we got married, we actually had breakfast served for dinner at our rehearsal dinner. I LOVE pancakes and grits and who says they can’t be served at dinner time?

Back to what you really came here for — this beautiful dress. This one might still be available in Dress Up stores but I couldn’t find it on their website (although they do have a few cute summer dresses I love right now). I’ve linked a few others that I love!

Comment with your favorite date night!

xoxo – Brittany

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