Striped Maxi Dress + Shein Review

Good Morning! I’m totally in the mood to be comfy today but I also have a lot of stuff to do so I need to look put together…black and white striped maxi for the win it is today! I love an easy maxi dress that doesn’t take too much effort but still looks great when you have it on. That’s what I love about this dress. I will admit, it is fairly long and I do have on a higher heel in this photo (I’m 5’5 for reference). I plan to tie a knot in the dress to make it a little bit shorter today.

This dress is from Shein and I get a ton of questions about ordering from them. I honestly do not have a problem ordering from Shein. They are based in China so the items can take a little while to arrive. The best way around that is to make sure the items you order say priority dispatching somewhere near the price info. If it doesn’t say that, prepare for at least 2 weeks before you see that item. I typically have always received my items within 10 days.

My next HUGE piece of advice to is read the reviews on each item. People give their honest feedback of the product and if I see too many negative comments, I don’t buy that item. I also looking for pictures of people in the clothing in the review section because it always helps to see it on a real person. I am hesitant about buying something with no reviews but have done it and have been fine.

The quality of their clothing varies. Sometimes I get a piece and the material is amazing and i’m shocked that it’s so inexpensive. Other times I think I’ll only wear this once and be done with it because it was only $10. In all honesty you get what you pay for but this site is a great place to find trendy items for not a lot of money.

They are now accepting returns and refunds so if something doesn’t fit, you can send it back. I think you can also pay an extra $2 for a return shipping label too. The best way to buy from them in is bulk then try everything on and send back what you didn’t like. Again, make sure you are ordering at least three weeks out from an event to make sure you receive everything on time!

If you have any specific questions for me about Shein, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!!

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Photos by KVC Photography

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