Milan, Italy

Our dreams of Italy have finally come true. We made it to the beautiful country of Italy. Our adventures led us to Milan, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Florence & Rome. We primarily chose to fly into Milan because it was a direct flight from Atlanta. We didn’t want to deal with multiple flights so we decided to recover from jet lag and visit a few sites while in Milan.


We landed (EEKK, I remember this being such an exciting feeling) and went directly to the train station in the airport. That train took us to the Milan Central Station. When we got off the train at the Centre we were a little in shock but mostly confused at what to do next. The station was huge and we needed to find the Metro. You have to be very careful at the central station because of pick pockters so we were constantly on guard.

We made it to the Metro, took that to our stop at Wagner, then walked up to the street and had no clue which direction to go in. Side note, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, like extremely comfortable shoes, on travel days in Italy. I was wearing my block heels that I love and they are normally very comfortable but not for walking long distances while carrying your luggage. So, we eventually asked a shop owner to point us in the direction of our hotel. Thankfully we were close by and couldn’t wait to rest our feet.

We made it to the Marriott Hotel in Milan and to our surprise, we were upgraded to the Presidential Suite!! I couldn’t believe it! I do have a Marriott Reward Card and have been a customer for about 4 years but have never had this luxurious of an upgrade. We made our way upstairs and boy was the room amazing!! There were two bathrooms, a giant master, living space and the most beautiful balcony. The balcony was definitely my favorite part. There was a lovely patio set, two sun chairs, beautiful foliage and an amazing view of Milan. If you follow me on Snapchat (loverlygrey) you were able to see all this! That patio makes me wish that we were staying in Milan for more than one night.

So we set down our belongings, showered and made our way back to the Metro. We were bound for food and to see the Duomo Cathedral. We stopped at the quaint café for sandwiches and coffee. We were so exhausted and needed a caffeine pick-me-up. The food was great! I had a ham and cheese flatbread and Chris had an Italian club. We walked around Milan just taking in all the sites. The buildings were beautiful. It was very touristy, but that’s what I would expect in an area like that.

The Duomo Cathedral was amazing. We bought tickets to go up to the top of the church and view the city. The detail in the architecture is amazing. And looking out over Milan was breathtaking. It reminded me of being at the top of the Clock Tower in Prague a few years ago.







We decided we were tired and needed to make our way back to hotel. We stopped for some cigars on the way home for Chris to enjoy on our balcony. We decided to just order food at the hotel and soak up the sunset on our balcony. There was a lounge on the 7th floor with free snacks/food for those staying in suites. So we made a plate and went to our balcony where we spent the rest of the evening taking in the views of Milan.






We were up early the next morning and made our way to the train station for our trip to Lake Como.  My next few posts on Italy will have more detail on what to eat, do & see while you are visiting each place we stayed. More fun to come…

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