Arrangement Interiors

I’m so excited to type this post for you guys!! I finally have (one) clean closet and a super clean desk! My friend, Tyler owns a Home Organization company – Arrangement Interiors and she helped my organize my upstairs closet and desk. I was tempted to have her organize my main closet but it honestly just needs a whole new shelving system and it’s a bigger project than what I wanted to take on so we decided to go with the smaller closet to start. Don’t worry, after seeing the results, I am trying to figure out a way to get her expertise on all my closets!

So last Thursday, Tyler came over and we got to work! I took everything out of the closet and starting going through what I was going to keep and what I was going to either donate or sell (haven’t decided on this just yet). While I was cleaning she was getting everything ready to put back in my closet. She organized the hangers, she put all my sweaters in these really cool boxes and sorted them by color and then gave me these great boxes that go on the floor for scarves or other items. Seriously the before and afters are incredible! [Read more…]

#NSALE Home Finds


I haven’t really touched on all the amazing home finds that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is offering! There are so many amazing pieces. It’s funny because I hardly ever think home decor when I think Nordstrom. Maybe that’s because whenever I am shopping at my local Nordstrom, I never think to go to the third floor where to home decor is. Well after seeing what i’ve seen with this sale, that will certainly be changing!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pieces that you want to be sure to check out. I’ve also included my dream bedding because it’s currently on sale right now – Lili Alessandra. Have you ever seen her stuff before? It’s a little bit of a splurge but goodness it’s gorgeous! [Read more…]

kate spade new york Pajamas

Happy Monday!! It’s that time of the week again where we are all surviving on extra coffee coming off the high of the weekend and a few days off. We had friends in town this weekend so we were go-go with them. They were also house hunting and I think they found one they like!! How was your weekend?

My blogger friend, Laura Godfrey from Reese and Rowe Blog and I teamed up with kate spade new york on Saturday to giveaway one pair of fruit pajamas plus a $200 KSNY gift card!! Laura and I both love pajamas so this collaboration with KSNY’s new pj line seemed like a perfect thing to give away to one of you guys! And who doesn’t love new summer pajamas?  [Read more…]

Happy Birthday Birdie

Today is my sweet Birdie’s 3rd Birthday!! I cannot believe that she is 3….it seems like just yesterday that we were going to the farm in North West Georgia to pick her up. She was the tiniest little grey girl. She made the cutest little chirping sounds, which is actually how we came up with her name, Birdie. She has been full of sass ever since!

In her honor, I’m going to share 5 things you didn’t know about Birdie!

1. Birdie has to be touching a human at all times. It’s funny because I think she likes humans more than dogs. When she is at doggie daycare, I will sometimes watch her on the cameras online and she is always following the humans around, never really interacting with the dogs…is that weird? That’s B.

2. She sleeps under the covers on top of me every night. We were very against her sleeping in the bed with us when we first got her. Her crate was next to our bed and she slept there until she was about 6 months old. I accidentally fell asleep with her in the bed with me one night and she hasn’t been back to the crate at night since. I sometimes wonder what we are going to do when I get pregnant and when we have a baby…

3. She loves to sleep. Weimaraners are normally very crazy, high energy dogs. Birdie is the complete opposite of that. She is so chill and sleeps 20 hours a day. I used to be worried that something was wrong with her but the vet confirmed that she is fine and that she just likes to sleep a lot…that is fine with me!

4. She loves going to Puppy Haven! We have been taking her to doggie daycare since she was about 9 months old. Chris and I both worked long hours and we wanted to give her to opportunity to play with other dogs. When we moved to Roswell we were really worried that we wouldn’t find a place like Puppy Haven outside the Perimeter. Thankfully Puppy Haven Roswell came about a weeks later. If you are looking for a place to take your pup, I highly recommend Puppy Haven! They love Birdie (and all dogs) just as much as we do so I never have to worry about her while she is there!

5. She is prissy. If you have ever watched my instagram stories, you know the looks she gives me when she wants something. She is the perfect combination between prissy, sassy and loving! I couldn’t imagine her personality any other way!

We are so thankful for this sweet pup and look forward to many more birthdays with her!

Sweater \\ Jeans \\ Rug \\ Necklace 

Photos by KVC Photography

A Little Home Preview

So our 1st Anniversary of living in our home in Roswell is coming up. I truly cannot believe that we have been in this house for almost one year. I still remember searching the neighborhoods of Marietta with our friend & realtor, Allise trying to find the ‘perfect’ home for our first home.

We went back and forth on where we wanted to move. I wanted Inside the Perimeter whereas Chris wanted Out. Thankfully Allise was on her game and showed us tons of houses she found on FMLS as soon as they hit the site. We started our search in Marietta and almost fell head over heels in love with the first house we looked at.

About a week later, we found the cutest little green house in Marietta. This was also ONE WEEK before our wedding. The house was adorable. I was way more in love with the way the house was decorated than the actual house but I somehow managed to convince Chris we should out in an offer.

We made an offer that night and by morning the offer was accepted and we were under contract. Looking back I think how crazy we were to 1. be shopping for a house the week before our wedding and 2. actually making an offer on a house.

We set up the inspection for the beginning of that week and by mid-week we learned that this house had lots of things wrong and that we were better off to get our while we could. I’m very thankful for the timing of this whole thing actually. By Wednesday when we got this news, I was knee deep in the finishing touches of preparing for the wedding that I almost didn’t care that we were backing out of the contract. I had a big distraction so it worked out in our favor.

God definitely had a plan for us.

So we decided to pick back up on the house hunting once we got back from our honeymoon. We needed to be out of our apartment by the middle of November and we didn’t want to re-sign a lease for another year. So back to the drawing boards we went. Allise showed us countless more houses.

I remember we went on a Sunday and looked at houses all over Marietta. I didn’t love any of them and was quite honestly getting frustrated with searching. Chris had been showing me this one house in Roswell he found online but I always found a reason to dismiss it. As we were driving home from Marietta, Chris said that we should just drive by this Roswell house and just see what the outside looked like. I gave in and we went by this house. We saw that it had a ton of potential and was newly redone. We called Allise immediately and we made an appointment to check it out later that night.

This was on a Sunday and my birthday was the following day. I remember my parents were coming to Atlanta to have dinner with us and we asked them to come by the house and get a second set of eyes instead….well they loved it as much as we did so we decided to make an offer! Thankfully it was accepted and here we are almost a year later!!

So I tell you all of that (there is plenty more that I will share in another post) to show you a few things I’m decorating with for fall. Some of you may have seen my Instagram story where I shared some Fall decor must haves. For those of  you who have now seen my Fall goodies, i’ve got pictures here to show you just how we are decorating for Fall at The Sjogrens!

I would love to know what other items or rooms in our home you want to see! I’m thinking about doing a monthly home review and going through all the rooms of our house. What do y’all think??

img_8757 img_8762These cute pumpkins were only $3 in the dollar section at Target! 

img_8760My best friend made that Bible verse window for our wedding – so talented!

img_8751 img_8752 img_8761 img_8759This blanket ladder is from the Marietta Antique Market

img_8758Cotton & Pitcher is from the Marietta Antique Mall 



Throw Pillows – Here & Here

White Accent Table

Gold Lamp


White Pitcher


Wooden Tray

Also, if you are moving anytime soon and are looking for a great realtor, we highly recommend Allise Raad with Dorsey Alston. Her email is – She will not disappoint!

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