Floral Babydoll Dress + 60k

Babydoll Dress \\ Tory Burch Purse \\ Booties \\ Sunglasses \\ Watch \\ Earrings

Happy Monday! Another new week is upon us and it is finally starting to feel like August. The kids in our neighborhood started back to school today so Fall will be here before we know it. Before I get started in sharing a sweet little dress with y’all, I wanted to spend some time saying THANK YOU!

Thank YOU so much for following along with me every single day. Thank YOU for encouraging me to continue following my dream of blogging and  being in the fashion industry. Thank YOU for being supportive, for reading my blog, for following me on Instagram and for interacting with me daily! I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without YOU! [Read more…]

New Blogger Tips

I feel like this is a post you guys have been waiting for for a while. It’s one I’ve wanted to write but really wasn’t sure exactly what to put that isn’t already available on google if you search hard enough. Then I realized that y’all want to know what worked for me and tips that only I can give based off of my experience. Most of this info is specific to Instagram and what I did to help grow my Instagram account.

If you remember the post I did last week (find it here), I talked about my love for fashion and the history behind starting my blog. I think it’s important to know what you want to talk about before you decide to blog. There are many times I sit at my computer and I know I need to write something but I’m not sure what fashion related topic to talk about. If I didn’t have a vision, that would be even harder because all topics would be fair game. [Read more…]

How I Got Into Blogging – History

Jumpsuit \\ Hat \\ Shoes 

Good Morning! I have been getting some questions lately on how I got started into blogging and if I was always interested in fashion so I figure “Let me write a blog post!”

Some history for you….I started Loverly Grey in January 2016. I started an Instagram Account first to see if people were even interested in me posting outfit pictures then once that started taking off, I started the actual blog portion of Loverly Grey in April/May of 2016.  [Read more…]

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