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I’m so excited to type this post for you guys!! I finally have (one) clean closet and a super clean desk! My friend, Tyler owns a Home Organization company – Arrangement Interiors and she helped my organize my upstairs closet and desk. I was tempted to have her organize my main closet but it honestly just needs a whole new shelving system and it’s a bigger project than what I wanted to take on so we decided to go with the smaller closet to start. Don’t worry, after seeing the results, I am trying to figure out a way to get her expertise on all my closets!

So last Thursday, Tyler came over and we got to work! I took everything out of the closet and starting going through what I was going to keep and what I was going to either donate or sell (haven’t decided on this just yet). While I was cleaning she was getting everything ready to put back in my closet. She organized the hangers, she put all my sweaters in these really cool boxes and sorted them by color and then gave me these great boxes that go on the floor for scarves or other items. Seriously the before and afters are incredible!

I mean crazy good right?? And it was so fast. She comes in with a plan then executes it perfectly! After we finished my upstairs coat and sweater closet, we moved down to my desk. I always thought my desk was clean and organized and everything was where it should be…until Tyler arrived! She added bins and little baskets to my drawers, brought in the coolest pencil holders and even the way she placed the items on my desk for display just made more sense than the way I had it.

I’m so thankful for my new clean spaces!! Tyler and I want to share the love with one of your guys so we will be hosting a giveaway on our Instagram pages for $500 worth of services from Arrangement Interiors. This includes in-home consultation to discuss the project of your choice and personal shopping services for organizational products (normally $100). The winner will have to pay for the purchasing of any necessary organization products. We will run this giveaway from Tuesday, 8/1 at 8:30PM EST – Thursday, 8/3 at 9PM EST. Make sure to check our Instagram accounts (@loverlygrey @arrangementinteriors)  for all the details and to enter to win! This giveaway will be open to the Atlanta area and surrounding cities only. Sorry, Tyler can’t fly for this project…but maybe one day!!

I would love to know which area of your home you need organized?! I had so much fun on this project with Tyler and I know you will love her too!

Shop the details of my office below:

Photos by KVC Photography

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  1. If I had the guts to switch careers, it would be into organization! Tyler did such a great job!! And I bet you feel like there’s a weight lifted after getting that all organized!

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